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Who Are We?

As a collective presence, voice and strength of the women of Temple Israel of the City of New York, the Women's Leadership Council's mission is to bring the women of Temple Israel together in friendship for personal growth through social activities, study, prayer and worship and acts of loving kindness. The Women's Leadership Council supports Temple Israel, its community and promotes the ideals of Reform Judaism.

Why Participate?

Membership in WLC is a great way to deepen your connections to other temple members -- and to Judaism. Participation will give you the opportunity to become a part of a dynamic, energetic and caring community of women of all ages, and provide an outlet for your creativity, talent, and leadership potential. And most importantly, have fun!

Join Us Today!

Join a vibrant group of women and experience the unique bond of sisterhood. Our goal is 100% support from the women in our congregation. Whether you have plenty of time or very little, your dues donation is vital to the WLC's efforts and contributions to Temple Israel.

Join the Women's Leadership Council (Sisterhood) here

WLC/Sisterhood “1917: HOW ONE YEAR CHANGED THE WORLD,” Exhibit with Rabbi Gelfand
Tuesday, November 28 | 10:30am

ajhs11282At the American Jewish Historical Society. This exhibition looks back 100 years at how three events of 1917—America’s entry into World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the issuing of the Balfour Declaration—brought about political, cultural, and social changes that reshaped the United States’ role in the world and provoked its most stringent immigration quotas to date. Optional lunch to follow.

WLC/Sisterhood Members Only Event with Esteemed Guest Nina Weiner
Tuesday, December 5 | 7:00pm

wlcninaweinerA not-to-be missed evening with Temple member and co-founder of the International Sephardic Educational Foundation (ISEF). ISEF opens doors of higher education each year for more than 400 promising young Israelis from underserved and immigrant communities throughout Israel. Nina authored the memoir, “Circles of Empowerment.”

3rd Thursday of Every Month | 10am

wlccanastaAll level welcome. $15 fee to play (WLC members pay only $10). Refreshments served.

Mah Jongg
3rd Wednesday of Every Month | 6:30pm

mahjonggAll levels welcome. Dinner served. $20 fee to play. (WLC members play for $18.)